About Us

Trap House Life began as an idea to create a top-notch delivery service in the World Wide and quickly evolved in much more And expand to other parts of the world. Even though Colorado accepted legal Marijuana way back in 1996, we felt there was still a major lacking in quality and service in the US and other parts of the world . From what once started as a humble, flower-child type movement, evolved into the next Colorado gold rush and then later to one of the world fast growing recreational drugs and weapons company.

It seemed as though legalization opened up the doors for big-business and caused many companies to lose sight of the actual user. Trap House Life was inspired by a sense of community. We were tired of being deceived by companies who promised “top shelf” only to arrive with lackluster product, deliveries that took over 3 hours to arrive and companies who simply wouldn’t answer the phone.

We recognized the need and decided to create something we knew people like ourselves would appreciate. That’s why we provide TOP SHELF BUDS AND BEST QUALITY OF ALL OUR PRODUCTS. We offer safe and discreet delivery worldwide, we have partners in the UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE, ASIA SOUTH AMERICAN AND NORTH AMERICA. Trap house life is made up of old school vendors who are trustworthy ( parents or peoples with high integrity in their society and youths ) who will attend to your every order AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Our gold is to take recreational drugs to next level by;
– Reducing the distance from the vendor to consumer or local retailers ( home delivery )
– By providing the best quality products in the market for affordable prices
– By educating user on its benefit and dangers
– By reducing the rate of which police victimized users ( providing discreet and safe delivery)
We do triple vacuum sealed packaging and they are discreetly delivered, a tracking number will be given to you after you make payment of your order, you will use this tracking number to track your package till it arrive your destination. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR OR A REFUND .